Automatic translation of RPG and COBOL applications to Java

Caravel provides a complete range of tools and services for reengineering and automatic translation of systems developed under proprietary languages.

Caravel translates automatically RPG and COBOL systems into Java. The advantages of this new standard platform include: rich graphic interfaces, Web enabled applications, object-oriented programming, platform independence, e-business components. All this using the most advanced technology.

Systems are translated while keeping the same functionality as the original applications, without the need for expensive user training or modifying the organization procedures.

The migrated applications can be easily integrated into any open architecture system (ERP or similar), thus clearing a path for later evolution.

Highest reliability in the conversion of RPG/COBOL based systemsTop

The Caravel service is targeted at the translation of systems written in RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, RPG ILE and COBOL (COBOL/400, CICS, IMS, COBOL, COBOL II…) using S/36, AS/400 and iSeries operating systems, making it a unique tool of its class.

Caravel performs a complete systems audit and translates the applications code to 100% pure Java with the highest reliability, without any restraint. There is an equivalency established between Java classes and methods and the original functionalities, generating a structured code that is easily understood by RPG/COBOL programmers.

For RPG and COBOL based systems, Caravel means an immediate and safe modernization, with an open technological outlook.

Converted systems can continue using the original data structure or move to an RDBMS. In this case, data access is obtained through the JDBC standard; in this way the converted applications may continue to use DB2/400 as a data base manager or use other market options such as Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, MultiBase, MySQL o PostgreSQL, among others.

The translated systems are immediately deployable and since they keep the same functionality (and optionally the same user interface), they require neither new user training nor modification of organizational procedures.

The effectiveness of an organization’s information system, the result of years of use and accumulated experience, is thus replicated on the most recent technological platform, a result that is easy to maintain and develop using modern tools.

Once translated, the applications may be run under a client-server architecture or on the Internet with n-layer architecture. Any modern operating system having JVM (Java Virtual Machine) may be used: Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX Linux, OS/400, MVS, OS/390, etc.

The user interface of the translated applications may optionally be personalized according to preference or requirements of use.

In addition, translated systems may easily be integrated with any other system based on open architecture.


Modernization of RPG/COBOL based systems by Caravel offers a broad array of benefits for users:

1. Easy access to e-business

Migration to 100% pure Java is the first step in the systems' Internet deployment and their transformation to e-business.


Caravel follows the standards set by the J EE 6. Modernized systems may be run on a 3-layer architecture oriented to Internet and e-business. Based on application servers and obtaining an unbeatable response and unlimited scalability.

2. Standards utilization / Independence

When the RPG/COBOL based systems are converted to Java, they conform to all existing standards and are totally independent of Hardware, Operating System or Data Base management system.

3. A modern and personalized user interface

Caravel gives the systems a new interface with outstanding ergonomics and visual richness. In addition, it allows an effective personalization, adapting itself to specific user needs or preferences.

Caravel converts automatically all the screens, adding a graphic layout which improve the user experience. While maintaining general behavior and navigation, logos, images, buttons can be included any time, in a 100% automatic way.

4. Complete migration with identical functionality vs. the original

The migration covers the entire system, with no other tools being needed. Since 100% of the original functionality is maintained, modifications to the organization’s processes are not required, nor new user training needed.

Conversion sample

After the standard conversion process, you can customize your screens selecting from a wide range of graphic controls based in the newest Java and HTML technologies.
As result you will obtain a modern and attractive user interface, which will increase the appeal and the usability of the system.

5. Solid technological outlook

Java offers multiple possibilities for development, since programmers and technical personnel are always widely available. The most exciting activity of the entire industry takes place around Java, with constant inputs of technologies and products that offer unlimited opportunities.