Caravel Insight: Visual Legacy System Analysis, full understanding and documentation


The Caravel Insight tool provides a deep understanding of any mainframe or AS/400 RPG/COBOL Legacy system in a fast, precise and intuitive way.

Creates a 100% visual, interactive, and navigable image of the system, including all the relevant information.

A complete set of tools cleans, analyzes, recovers, and documents structure, logic, and functionality.

Accurate pseudocode Java generators support easy and reliable reengineering processes.

Caravel Insight: Understand, clean, document

With a 100% visual interface, even extremely complex systems can be easily understood and managed by means of Insight’s models and tools.

Performs a detailed assessment and builds the necessary documentation. In addition to the visual representation, all the relevant information is extracted and organized in a well-structured database.

Object details are stored and can be viewed together with all the related information.

System modifications are immediately reflected.

Caravel Insight visors

The combination of both visors, allows a top-down approach with total control and understanding of the Legacy system.

A secure basis for maintenance, evolution, or future reengineering.

Recovering functionalityTop

By means of an Use Cases based mechanism, the functionality is completely recovered.

The sequence diagrams can be viewed at different levels of detail, allowing a progressive and complete understanding of the system’s behavior.

Sequence diagrams

Effective support for Rewriting

Additionally, Caravel Insight includes a set of tools designed to support the Rewriting of the System from zero.

Every program is examined, describing its functionality with flowcharts and Java pseudocode.

A cleaning set of tools allows to eliminate unused components and focus in the real, active system.

Taking the results of the Analysis as input, a completely new system can be rebuilt, performing a deep reengineering.

Effective support for Rewriting systems

Insight Legacy System NavigationTop

The Insight tool offers a complete capability to navigate, discover and assess any AS/400 Legacy System, at the deepest level of detail.

Powerful tools can reveal the different aspects of the Legacy System, even the hidden or long time lost.

Using Discovery visor, the whole system can be easily overview in a intuitive top-down vision. While maintaining the general picture, every detail is put under light, by means of the standard visor.

Caravel Insight

1. Shows program type objects with dependencies.

Caravel Insight

2. After activating FILES (ON) switch files and related dependencies are also shown.

Caravel Insight

3. After selecting with mouse an object (MEREPC) all the dependencies up to the defined level are shown (in this case are shown up to level 2).

Caravel Insight

4. It is always possible to hide the non selected objects to clean the workspace, activating the switch "Hide->Unselected“.

Caravel Insight

5. At any time it is possible to hide files. Activating switch FILES (OFF).

Caravel Insight

6. At any time it is possible to select groups of objects using the mouse with right button click.

Caravel Insight

7. It is also possible to find objects by name using the “Search” tool.

Caravel Insight

8. It is also possible to find initial or final nodes (corresponding to start/end programs). This allow find main execution paths.