Caravel Converter: Automatic Conversion of COBOL and RPG to Open/Java/RDBMS


Caravel Converter provides a fully automatic conversion from Legacy systems to Java EE and Open platforms.

An identically functional Java code, free of errors, in a short time.

Caravel generates a clear well structured code, easy to understand and maintain by the legacy technicians.

A mechanism of automatic Test cases verifies original and converted behavior.

Lowest impact, effortless conversion can be achieved in short and precise schedule.

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After the standard conversion process, you can customize your screens selecting from a wide range of graphic controls based in the newest Java and HTML technologies. As result you will obtain a modern and attractive user interface, which will increase the appeal and the usability of the system.

Conversion examples

Caravel conversion architectureTop

Caravel Converter

Caravel Converter covers all the AS/400 or Mainframe functionality. All the OS functionality and all types of objects are supported, assuring an identical behavior.

The resulting converted system is structured according to updated, open architecture standards.

Caravel Converter