Migration proposal and free PoC (Proof of Concept)

Thank you for your interest in Caravel Migration Services. BASE100 understands the important decision that you are about to make. Caravel migrates 100% of your RPG/COBOL system to pure Java and XML while maintaining the same functionality of your original programs. BASE100 offers you the opportunity to see a small portion of your own application translated to Java and running on the web. It is a free service. We are confident that it will help you to qualify and quantify your decision.

In order to produce a PoC we need you to fill out and return to us the following documents.

System and Contact Information Document: While producing your PoC, this document will give us the necessary information to generate a proposal with the costs and timeframe involved in migrating your RPG/COBOL system to Java. A BASE100 representative will contact you.

How to prepare the reference system for a Caravel Analysis or Conversion process

How to prepare the SAVF

Sending your system: Once ready, the SAVF containing the system to be analyzed and/or converted (Reference System), can be sent to BASE100 in different ways:

Content of SAVF

Please consider that a Proof of Concept (POC) is 100% similar to an ordinary analysis or conversion project. Therefore, it is necessary to provide BASE100 with the same elements that for any regular analysis and/or conversion. The system to be converted (Reference System) must be stored in a SAVF and sent to BASE100 laboratory. The Reference System will be deployed on a BASE100 (AS/400) platform and tested in it.

Supported versions of RPG: RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400, RPG ILE.

Supported versions of COBOL: COBOL/400, COBOL ILE.

Supported versions of OS: V7R3 or lower, down to V5R2.

BASE100 guarantees confidentiality of all the information received from the customers through all the process. Additionally, a NDA can be signed at any time.

Recording settings for SAVF

Please, use the following parameters in the command SAVLIB:

SAVLIB Parameter Value
"Label" *LIB
"Destination release" OS version V7R3 or lower
"Save access" *YES
"Data Compression" *NO
"Data Compaction" *NO
"Exit" *PRINT
"Type of exit information" *OBJ
“Save Data” SAVFDTA(*NO) / (*YES)

According the kind of activity the data could be not necessary. It is suitable to receive empty data structures. It will reduce the size of the SAVF and avoid confidentiality issues. In some cases, otherwise, to perform data migration or run test cases, to send a set of data is necessary.

Information about the system

Please include the information about the different entry points into the applications to be able to test them, as well as the user who will be using them.


User Start Program

In case of a POC of conversion, it is necessary to include information to run functional tests (Smoke Tests) of the Reference System.

It is advisable to include the list of the critical routes, so that they can be verified.

For more information please contact us at:

Phone: +34 91 353 18 15