Fast Web Development Tool

Expand is a tool for rapid prototyping and developing web applications.

Expand puts in your hands the expertise of a huge Java EE7 community.

Expand community Open SourceTop

Expand is an open source tool available for the partner's community under Community licence: ExPL (Expand Public Licence).

Partners can use Expand under the Community ExPL licence for education or research and development activities, for integrating third part products or extending functionality. In case of business or professional use a Professional licence is also available.


Expand generates automatically the Java code for Web business applications.

Expand is a powerful tool, based on Hibernate and Seam Frameworks, with Java Server Faces standard user interface technology and JBoss RichFaces Ajax implementation.

All the generated applications follow Java EE7 standards, with tested bug free code, structured as an Eclipse Web project.

The code is 100% reachable and modifiable by the user, any time.

Expand benefits

Creating a web application, easily in few steps

Simple wizards will allow you to accomplish all these actions easily, quickly, increasing your productivity.