Technical Notes v. 4.4

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Methods of the SimpleControl Class

Methods of the "Prnpag32.dll"API

Reports Generator


Editor of Data Conceptual Scheme

Stylesheets Editor

The EasyReport editor allows modifying the following attributes:

Those attributes can be modified for each element of the report allowing to visualize the changes in real time.

Export a Report into an Excel

New button in the "drw" of the Cosmos Preview to export the reports generated with the Cosmos "Page" class into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet when working with MS Office 2002 or later. Only "csv" report extension saving is available for MS Office 2000.

Statistical Graphs

"ttchartdll.dll" enables generating the following graphical charts:

The functions that implements this DLL are the following:


DBManager is an application designed to make more comfortable the management of databases created with CSTQL, Cosmos or the MultiBase engine.

With the DBManager the database manager may easily make inquiries of tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, stored procedures, triggers and views that make up the database with providing an overview of the database.

In the same way the database manager will be able to create, modify and delete tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, triggers and views. For this purpose the application has several tabs that shows information of the different components of the database.

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