Technical Notes v. 5.0



In this version have been implemented methods and events in the SimpleControl class that allows to customize a List Box control of type string, tree and sql, so  you can create your own styles for cells and columns, customize control components using a file to indicate where are the graphic elements that you want to use, and add features such as the ability to search for strings in all the cells in a list or in a column show the result of an arithmetic and logic. Likewise, you can also add filters on header columns, group columns under the same title and create groups and aggregates.

In addition, the user can select the columns that will form groups and aggregate’s functions, select the columns that want to sort and modify their order once elected. The appearance of the list after creating groups is a tree list on which the user can open and close the nodes.



Environment VariablesTop

For further information see the PDF document.

This environment variable tells the runtime the path of the file that defines the graphic elements to customize the list type controls in the application. If this variable is set all list-type controls are shown with the appearance.

Instructs the runtime if drawn or not the lines connecting the nodes of the tree lists.

Indicates whether or not to draw the lines between the rows in the tree lists.

Environment variable that indicates whether to enable or not the menu item associated with a command when it is enabled. Must be defined in the project configuration file or the configuration Cosmos file.

Indicates the zoom ratio to be applied on the screens, controls and application fonts.

This environment variable tells the runtime of Cosmos, in implementing the method TreeWalk, instead of displaying the standard dialog file selection in the Windows operating system version that is running the application (and implemented by the API of that system), display a dialog box with similar functionality and look identical on all versions of Windows.

Indicates whether or not to display the shared folders on the network when the method call Tree-Walk uses the new dialog box instead of the function of the Windows API.

This environment variable indicates whether or not to show local drives when the method TreeWalk use the dialog implemented in version 5.0 of Cosmos instead of the Windows API for choosing a file.


For further information see the PDF document.

Module Class Methods

SimpleControl Class Methods

In this section, provided there is a reference to a control list or a list, applies only to the List Box con-trol columns list type (string, sql and / or tree). If a method can be applied to other types of lists will be declared ready.


Bug fixesTop


IMPORTANT: This error will persist if run programs compiled with previous versions. That is, when the element of the list exceeds 32,767, the returned data is not correct.
For successful implementation correctness is necessary that any object that is used to assign or collect property value must be of type integer. It will also be necessary to recompile the application with this version.
If the objects defined as local or global variables, or parameters defined function to assign or collect the value of the selected property and are objects of type integer only need to recompile the application .