Technical Notes v. 5.3


For the correct operation of this new implementation the reports must be designed as follows:

The Variable and Text controls to export must be children of a control Box, and the Box will have to be a children of a Group or BandGroup control.

Otherwise the export will be like previous versions.


Environment VariablesTop

For further information see the PDF document.

This environment variable tells Cosmos that if the text in a cell does not fit in it, truncate the text and draw at the end three dots (...). The original value of the cell is not affected.

This environment variable tells the runtime of Cosmos that must automatically adjust the column width to the size of the label and the sort icon.

This variable tells to Cosmos that the style that should be assigned to the result of applying the method TotalizeColumn on a column is the same as that of the column on which the list column applies.

This environment variable tells the runtime the possibility of exporting to Excel data in list mode or in visual mode.

This variable tells to the runtime the name of the controls (group and bandGroup), and the number of pages of the Box or Band controls to be exported.
This environment variable can be defined in the "Environment" section in the configuration file of Cosmos or project configuration file. Its value can be changed with PutEnv method of class Module. The value of this variable will affect all reports that are generated with the Page class. To reset value of the variable: EXPORTABLEGROUPLIST = NULL.


For further information see the PDF document.

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