Technical Notes v. 5.4



Environment VariablesTop

For further information see the PDF document.

When the Cosmos runtime is executed on a Tablet with Windows OS and an edit field receives the focus the runtime displays a virtual keyboard. To not display the virtual keyboard is necessary to define this environment variable.

Allowed values:

To prevent virtual keyboard onscreen on personal computers will be added to the cosmos.ini file or project environment file the environment variable AUTOSHOWONSCREENKEYBOARD=FALSE.

This environment variable allows to modify the keyboard displayed. The variable must specify the absolute path of the program that activates the virtual keyboard. The default keyboard is Taptip.exe.

SimpleControl Class MethodsTop

For further information see the PDF document.


For further information see the PDF document.

Bug fixesTop

Annex. Cosmos runtime in TabletsTop

From this version it is possible to scroll on touch screens List Box controls, Grid, Multi Box and Edit Field.

We have implemented this possibility in the preview screen (Preview) and code editor of the development environment.

As mentioned above, when an edit field receives focus automatically displays an on-screen virtual keyboard.

To prevent to display onscreen virtual keyboard on personal computers(1) will need to be added to the project environment file or the cosmos.ini file the AUTOSHOWONSCREENKEYBOARD environment variable to FALSE (see section Environment Variables.

(1)This could occur if the computer on which it is running Cosmos certain devices are installed (such as a digitizing tablet, a digital signature's reader, etc..).

Add columns to the grouping and sorting bar

In grouping methods (ShowMultiColumnGroupDlg) and sorting (ShowMultiColumnSortDlg) to add the desired column to the bar at the bottom of the screen will proceed as follows:

1. Press on the title of the column you wish to add to the bar sorting and grouping:

Add columns

2. Holding down, gently slide to the right or left to confirm the selection of the column:

Add columns

3. Then move the column heading, dragging it to the grouping and sorting bar and stop pushing:

Add columns

4. As a result, the selected column is displayed in the grouping and sorting bar:

Add columns

Remove columns from the grouping and sorting bar

1. To delete a column from the grouping and sorting bar, will press on the column to remove from the bar and we will move slightly to the left or right.

2. Then drag the selected column outside of the area occupied by the bar.

3. The selected column will have disappeared from the grouping and sorting bar.

Horizontal scroll in List Box controls

To make the horizontal scroll in List Box controls will proceed according to the following steps:

1. Select the list you want to perform on the scroll and pressing softly on it, move slighty your finger up or down:

Horizontal scroll

2. After this operation it will be possible to make the horizontal scroll by moving your finger across the screen to right or left:

Horizontal scroll


The reports preview screen allows performing zoom on it, either to enlarge or reduce.

To make the zoom you will need to place two fingers on the screen (usually thumb and index fingers) and bring them together to reduce or remove them to expand: