Technical Notes v. 5.6


It is mandatory to recompile the application if it was compiled with previous versions of Cosmos.

It is mandatory to modify the programs in the application if it uses the prnpag32.dll dll. Some functions have changed the type of some parameters from "smallint" to "integer".


Cosmos runtime



From this version, the database manager will generate, optionally, a file of statistics where information on the execution of SQL statements is displayed in connection to the database:

If the client application is a Cosmos application, the DBMS will take into account in the statistics all the SQL statements executed by the Cosmos Runtime in the predefined commands (EditUpdate, Add, etc) and the pure SQL statements executed with the methods of the SqlCursor class, SqlStatement class and SqlServer class.

For further information see the PDF document


New methodsTop

SimpleControl Class Methods

Module Class Methods

Char Class Methods


APIs. New functionsTop

TTXMLDLL API functions

Bug fixesTop

In this version, we have performed corrections in the following components: