Technical notes


  • CosSignFile. The CosSignFile dll (cossigfile.dll) allows to digitally sign files in PDF, XML and binary format, as well as the signature of XML electronic invoice files in FacturaE format versions 3.2.1 and 3.2.2. (PDF version)
  • CosSignPdf. The CosSignPdf dll (cossignpdf.dll) allows you to sign PDF documents from Cosmos using a digital certificate. This certificate must be installed in the system, either in the Windows certificate store or in a certificate store (file). (PDF version)
  • Cosmos Data. Cosmos Data is a Cosmos utility that allows to query and export data from a MultiBase/CTSQL database in a simple and intuitive way, and store queries to access them later. (PDF version)
  • Cosmos WebServer. Cosmos WebServer (CWS) is an utility that allows you to use Cosmos as a web services provider, allowing you to create REST services. Cosmos WebServer does not work with Cosmos SQL Desktop or Cosmos SQL Workgroup licenses. (PDF version) UPDATED!
  • MultiBase and Cosmos: Particularities about the database engine installation on client-server architecture